...I was introduced to the world of photography at a young age when I was given my first film camera at 7 years old. Since then I've been lucky enough to travel to many parts of the world photographing for various publications. My photography work has grown quite considerably, mostly shooting lifestyle photography, and it's in this area that my joy for photography really flourished.

As for dogs, my family has always had dogs and I've enjoyed it all. From walking to training, from Red Setters through to Tibetan Terriers and now Australian Kelpies, each with their own individual character and needs. Now having three dogs of my own and what could possibly be classed as an unhealthy amount of camera gear there was an obvious choice to combine my two passions and become a dog photographer. Not a day goes by without the dogs being photographed, they're very much my test subjects for new gear and new ideas. I'm pretty sure they don't mind, but either way they get out and enjoy the wilderness and new walks and I get to take home some awesome photographs.