Hiring a dog photographer like myself is a great way to capture those all-important memories of your four-legged friend professionally, but these snapshots of your dog's life might not capture the time they decide to take a dip in the mud, the crazy post-bath zoomies or enjoying their holiday with you. Which is why we've introduced our new Canine Portraiture Workshops to give you the tools you need to beautifully capture those crazy and important moments in your dog's life.

Whether you're using a CSC or DSLR, this workshop will help you to get the most out of your photographs with expert tips and techniques for creating stunning photographs and lasting memories.



The session lasts up to two hours, in a private rural location near Attleborough where we will cover everything from the correct settings to use to posing your dog and much more...

Two-hour workshop with group & select 1-2-1 tuition covering the following:
Camera settings
Lighting and additional equipment
Composition techniques
Dealing with different conditions
Posing your dog and cooperation techniques
Creating a fun and friendly environment

This is all based around a practical outdoor portrait session with a maximum of 6 participants per session.

September 9th, 15:00

£75.00 per person


Participant ability is beginner to professional, all participants must have a basic understanding of manual and semi-automatic modes.
The kit requirement is DSLR or Mirrorless/CSC with no specific lens requirements.